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  • Category: Taxes

    • Tax efficient placement

      Tax efficient placement

      May 25, 2024
      This week’s issue is a short one because I’m getting married tomorrow! I wanted to discuss efficient tax fund placement.…
    • How to pay less taxes with a W-2

      How to pay less taxes with a W-2

      March 23, 2024
      In this newsletter issue, I share a few strategies that can help you lower your taxes. Some of these strategies…
    • Tax Gain Harvesting

      Tax gain harvesting

      February 24, 2024
      Tax gain harvesting is the process of selling your appreciated securities tax-free. This concept applies only to brokerage accounts and…
    • How to pay no taxes

      How to pay no taxes

      January 27, 2024
      There are many ways to build wealth. But, what many people don’t think about is that paying LESS in taxes…